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This week’s video: the bloopers for the Puns video. I missed the weekly deadline for this week by a terrible 4 days and it looks like I might miss this upcoming weekend as well. Birthdays, national holidays, and the only girl for me all contributed to this delay. I’m determined to get this next one done though. It’s the one I’ve been working on since May and frankly, I’m tired of having to look at this girl’s face. 


It’s at the finishing touches phase so hopefully it’ll get done by this weekend. 

That screenshot of Kavi though lol.

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Sh*t Bboys Say


Because the Yoni is running into some delays, I guess I’ll get things started: here’s a list of shit bboys say. When I say bboy I mean bboys of ALL flavors-good ones, bad ones, biters, OGs, e-boys, or even ones like me. Please reply/reblog with your own additions.

  1. Nice thread…it’s mine now. 
  2. It’s not biting if you cite the source!
  3. My crew is the only crew in (insert state) that’s a real family. 
  4. Yeah he’s got power, but my musicality is better.
  5. Yeah he’s got blow ups, but my musicality is better. 
  6. Yeah he’s got foundation, but my musicality is STILL better. 
  7. Wanna go to I Luv Pho?
  8. Man he just won because he’s more popular.  
  9. Hey girl wassup. 16? Grass on the field, play ball. 
  10. OK forget his airflares to 90-if you take that away, do you think I won that one? Exactly!
  11. Did I make top 16? Naw, the judging was WHACK.
  12. I’mma get a job. 

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Taken with instagram


Taken with instagram


My New Years Resolution.

Well I usually don’t write a lot here but hey I’m bored, 

Lets get started:

One: Spend money wisely rather then blowing it off on whatever I see. Got to make sure my shits together. 

Two: I’m moving out soon so make plans accordingly to have a successful move out.

Three: Finding a career based job, so this means ill be interviewing like crazy this semester which will hopefully lead to a job by the summer!  

Four: I’m determined to lose at least 15-20 pounds by semesters end. 

Five: Train harder for my bboying, I’ve been slacking the past couple of months so time to hyperbolic time chamber it up. 

Six: Graduate with flying colors along with throwing a big ass party in the new condo as celebration!

Seven: Live my life to the fullest for both me and Yayu and hope for the best in the near future. 


I don’t even remember taking these photos


I don’t even remember taking these photos

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